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Maintaining BNSSA achievements

The five-year continuous training of the BNSSA is compulsory to continue working, by ensuring surveillance and rescue missions, in bathing places with free and equipped access (sea, lakes) as well as in establishments with paid access (swimming pools) .
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Training aims

​ The continuing education of the  National Safety and Aquatic Rescue Certificate - FC BNSSA  allows you to maintain the validity of your diploma with an employment authority to ensure the supervision and safety of bathers on beaches, swimming pools and all types of bodies of water.


FC BNSSA training in detail

• Physical preparation in the swimming pool, at least once a week (outside school holidays) to prepare for the tests:

‣ Combined rescue course over 100 m.

‣ Assistance to people in difficulty.

• Update of operational rescue techniques.

• A reminder on:

‣ Bathing regulations.

‣ The organization and supervision of swimming.

‣ How to recognize a swimmer in difficulty and provide assistance.

‣ How to implement appropriate first aid actions.

‣ Knowledge of nautical activities.

‣ Awareness of the aquatic environment and its respect.


The learner will have to participate in all the training modules:

• Possess at least the certificate ofPSE1 continuing education(can be included in preparation training).

• Satisfy the eliminatory tests (a minimum period of 10 minutes of recovery must be left to the candidate before taking part in another test):

‣ 100m combined with apnea and manikin towing.

To be considered fit, the candidate must complete the test, under the prescribed conditions, in less than:  
- 3 minutes, during the maintenance check.

‣ Rescue of a victim in distress.

To be declared fit, the candidate must correctly perform all the items of the test.

  • Anyone wishing to maintain the validity of their BNSSA diploma.  

  • Possess at least the certificate ofPSE1 continuing education(can be included in preparation training).

  • 1 hour only for the BNSSA exam.

  • 7 hours of preparation at least (possibility of including continuing education PSE1 in addition).

To maintain its validity,the BNSSA diploma must be renewed every 5 yearsin order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. 

Attention,therecontinuing education (retraining) PSE1 is independent of BNSSA recycling. A maintenance of acquired skills, to maintain the validity of the diploma, is compulsory every year. 


  • Audience :from 50 €

  • Group/Company  :on quote request

  • Supported :Training eligible for funding


Register for this training

Pool sessions (AquaMalo)

Outside school holidays : Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., Saturday from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

School holidays : Monday to Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.





Please note that you will receive information by email. Do not hesitate to look in your unwanted  when you register.

ⓘ Supported by an ORGANIZATION

You are an employee, job seeker, or other and your training is, or may be, supported by a third party structure (employer, OPCO, CPF, Pole Emploi).


ⓘ PERSONAL support

Please register by clicking on the link below. You can also pay for your registration online. Or ask usregistration form by email

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