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Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, specialization in Aquatic Activities and Swimming.

This state diploma allows you to become a lifeguard. The holder of this diploma supervises aquatic well-being activities (aquagym, aquabike, baby swimmers, etc.) and ensures the learning of codified strokes of swimming.


Training aims

​ Training inBPJEPS AAN - Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, specialization in Aquatic Activities and Swimmingallows you to becomeLifeguard Masterand so :

  • Supervise any public in any place and any structure,

  • Implement an animation project as part of the structure's project,

  • Conduct a session, an animation or learning cycle in the field of aquatic activities and swimming,

  • Mobilize the techniques of aquatic activities and swimming to implement a session or a learning cycle.

The missions of the lifeguard are:

  • To watch

  • Teach

  • animate

  • Frame

  • To rescue


The lifeguard can work in different spaces:

  • Municipal swimming pools

  • Fitness centers

  • sports clubs

  • Spa treatments

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Seasonal jobs (beaches, campsites, hotels, lakes, private lessons…)

The BPJEPSAAN training in detail


Alternating training

The training takes place alternately from October to the beginning of July or until the end of August depending on the status.

Under professional training trainee status (until early July 2023):

– 2 to 3 days of training in a training center per week: 600 h/year.

– 2 days in the company per week: 1170h/year.

What the training includes:

  • Swimming

  • Sports rescue

  • First aid (Allows you to become an actor in civil security missions)

  • Coastal rescue course

  • Federal Sport Rescue Initiator

  • Be a PSE1 or PSE2 holder (up to date with recycling)

  • Be a holder of the BNSSA (up-to-date recycling)

  • Swimming level to guarantee the safety of practitioners and third parties

Not trained yet? Register for our training via the following links:

Validate the Brittany League of Rescue and First Aid tests:

  • QROC and MCQ of general sports culture

  • Motivational interview (20 minutes, on the CV and motivation, 10 minutes question / answer)

  • Physical events (200m medley)

If you have a disability, we invite you to contact us by telephone on 02 99 46 27 63 or by email at in order to be able to discuss your situation and offer you an adapted course.​


Register for this training

Please note that you will receive information by email. Do not hesitate to look in your unwanted  when you register.


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