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How to become a lifeguard on the beaches?

The Nautisurf St-Malo association, affiliated with theFFSS- French Rescue and First Aid Federation  trains future lifeguards who will be able, once they graduate, to supervise swimming on the beaches of Saint Malo, its agglomeration and the entire French coast.

The FFSS: first aquatic rescue organization.

First rescue organization in France and first provider of BNSSA (see figures from the Ministry of the Interior). The FFSS, with its network of associations, trains the lifeguards of tomorrow.

Trained in our organization, the lifeguards ensure the supervision of swimming during the summer period. This monitoring is carried out at the request and under the responsibility of the town halls that employ them.

The training of lifeguard swimmers, at Nautisurf, is provided by nos 3 permanent employees, all graduates (BEESAN, SSA trainer and first aid trainers).

Its rescuers train regularly, all year round at sea and in the pool,   in order to maintain their level of skills, or acquire new ones.

How to become a lifeguard?

To become a lifeguard to watch the beaches, it is necessary to validate 4 diplomas and certificates at least.

The training can last from 1 month, minimum, to 9 months depending on your level and your objectives.

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National Water Safety and Rescue Certificate

PSE1 iso.png




Level 1 Team First Aid Certificate

PSE2 iso.png




Level 2 Team First Aid Certificate

ssa iso.png




Lifeguard Supervisor Certificate


This training course, which can be done from the age of 16, allows you to work as a seasonal supervisor on the beaches. Once graduated, Rescue Swimmers are offered to coastal municipalities to monitor the beaches.

  The Lifeguard missions:  

• Maintain a spirit of prevention with beach and coastal users,

• Provide assistance to a swimmer or beach user in danger by various means at his disposal,

• Perform first aid and ensure follow-up of the rescue chain.

Registration Form

Forbecome a lifeguard, and participate in the next information meeting which will take place on September 12, 2020, simply register by filling out the form below. If you are selected, you will be able to follow the training in order to obtain the qualifications which will allow you to carry out a mission ofsurveillance and rescue on the beaches of the coast during the summer season.

Join our team

You too, join our team of aquatic lifeguards.

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