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Essential device for your events

A lifeguard station may be compulsory when organizing public events (nautical safety, sporting events, concerts, etc.). In the event of an accident, our volunteers are on site, ready to intervene, to provide assistance.
secouriste en poste de secours du nautis

Provisional emergency devices (DPS)

Since January 1, 2007, any organizer (local authority or private person) of sporting, cultural or social events or gatherings must ensure the safety of the public and participants by setting up a provisional emergency system (DPS).

Is your event going to bring together a lot of people? For the safety of people, our association affiliated with the FFS has the necessary approvals to ensure the maintenance of a Provisional Rescue System (DPS) and the establishment of a rescue station in compliance with the sizing in force.

A DPS adapted for your events

The characteristics of your event will determine which type of aid station is suitable. Among them, the nautical and/or land environment, the expected attendance and the response time for civil emergency services are the main points, as are the behavior of the public and the accessibility of the site. The danger is therefore assessed under different aspects allowing the conclusion to be adopted of one of our systems, namely:

  • A PAPS (Alert and First Aid Point) made up of two first aiders with emergency equipment who can intervene immediately and who have a direct line to public emergency services.

  • A small first-aid station made up of 4 to 12 first-aiders with first-aid equipment supervised by a post manager and means of communication.

  • A medium-sized rescue station made up of 12 to 36 rescuers and an experienced team leader.

  • A large first-aid station made up of at least 36 first-aiders and an experienced team leader.


Why choose us ?

Taking care of injured people during an event is a priority. Every second counts. For this, the Nautisurf volunteers on site will be able to accomplish their mission of protection, alert and rescue by:

  • Providing first aid.

  • Alerting public emergency services.

  • Protecting the victim.

  • Assuring first aid actions.

Qualified staff and suitable equipment

Our association has all the equipment required to equip our rescue stations as well as specific equipment for water safety.  

We can count on a team of 20 qualified first aiders, water rescuers and lifeguards, all up to date with their diplomas and regularly trained in rescue techniques.

Through our Federation, theFFSS(French Rescue and First Aid Federation), we can also count on national reinforcements in the event of the establishment of a very large-scale post.

PSE2 iso.png



A team of first aiders trained in PSE1 and PSE2up-to-date with their continuing education.

matos dps.png



Our association has all the mandatory emergency operational equipment:  Iot A, Lot B, Lot C, tents, defibrillator, miscellaneous.

ssa iso.png



Our association has water rescue equipment:

Rescue-boards, tube buoys, rope, zodiac IRB, miscellaneous.


Equally important, our approvals testify to our ability to supervise your event and obtain the necessary authorizations from the Prefecture.

  • Personal assistance

  • Provisional emergency device

  • Supervision of volunteers during actions to support disaster-stricken populations

  • Safety of the practice of aquatic activities

  • Actions to support disaster-stricken populations

demander un dps
DPS secours iso.png
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