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Maintenance of acquired knowledge (retraining) of SST

The MAC SST training allows the employee of the company to keep his role of first aider to bring first aid to any victim of an accident at work or illness, but also to be an actor in prevention in his company.  

Training aims

Training MAC SST makes it possible to maintain the validation of skills, knowledge and know-how allowing any individual to intervene effectively in the face of an accident situation and, in terms of prevention, to apply their skills for the benefit of health and safety at work , in compliance with the organization of the company and the specific procedures set. 

The objective of the SST is to reduce the number of accidents in the company and thus reduce the number of days off work.


OHS training in detail

The skills of the occupational first aid rescuer are divided into 2 main areas of expertise:

Competency area 1

Be able to intervene in an accident situation.

• Situate the legal framework of its intervention

• Provide appropriate protection when the accident occurs

• Examine the victim to implement the action adapted to the result to be obtained

• Alert or have the emergency services alerted

• Immediately carry out rescue actions in front of a person:

 ‣ Victim of airway obstruction (choking).

 ‣ Victim of heavy bleeding (haemorrhage).

 ‣ Unconscious breathing (PLS- Lateral Safety Position).

 ‣ In cardiac arrest (cardiac massage and use of the defibrillator).

 ‣ Victim of an illness.

 ‣ Victim of a burn.

 ‣ Victim of trauma.

Competency Area 2

Be able to apply their OHS skills to the service of occupational risk prevention in their company.

• Situate your OHS role in the company's prevention organization

• Implementing one's protection skills for the benefit of preventive actions

• Inform the people designated in the prevention plan of the dangerous situations identified.

The learner will have to participate in all the training modules:

To validate his certificate, the learner must participate in all the training modules:

• Carry out all the first aid gestures during the practical learning phases,

• Participate at least once, as a lifeguard, in an application activity. 

• Validate all skills during certification tests.


​ Hold an SST certificate less than 24 months old.

7 hours of face-to-face teaching.

To maintain its validity, the SST certificate must be renewedevery 24 monthsin order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. 

See the training description sheet:click here​


  • Audience :from 70 €

  • Group/Company  :on quote request

  • Supported :Training eligible for funding


Register for this training

According to the requests for setting up sessions by company. For more information, please contact us.

Please note that you will receive information by email. Do not hesitate to look in your unwanted  when you register.

ⓘ Supported by an organization

You are an employee, job seeker, or other and your training is, or may be, supported by a third party structure (employer, OPCO, CPF, Pole Emploi).

ⓘ Personal support

Please "ask us for a quote". Or ask usregistration form by email

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