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Quality certification

QUALIOPI is a certification issued by a certification body. The auditor travels to the site to verify the application of the provisions provided by the training organization in order to comply with the National Quality Standard.


Our organization responds tovsquality referencing criteria  and enters thecatalog of all funding organizations(Pôle Emploi, OPCO, CPF, etc.). We are recognized in the  National Quality Repository (RNQ)through the labelQUALIOPI


Article 6 of Law No. 2018-771 of September 5, 2018 on the freedom to choose one's professional future provides for an obligation for certification, by a third-party organization, of organizations carrying out actions contributing to the development of skills on the basis of a single national benchmark, if they wish to benefit from public or pooled funds (financing by a skills operator, by the commission mentioned in Article L. 6323-17-6, by the State, by the regions, by the Caisse deposits and consignments, by Pôle emploi or by Agefiph).

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And for Nautisurf? We have chosen one of the best known audit firms:Qualianor who screened us at the end of December 2021 (reception of the public, follow-up of trainees, educational process, dissemination of information and many more) and who certified us for 3 years (see certificate below).


And concretely for you? Opportunities according to your profile:

  • the possibility of training throughout one's life usingMyTrainingAccountand finance the training of your choice (accessible in our catalog)

  • for job seekers, to be financed for training by Pôle Emploi

  • for employees to ask your employer (or its reference OPCO) to finance a

  • initial training or continuing education with us, even setting up a CPF Professional Transition project withTransition Pro(formerly FONGECIF)

  • for companies or public administrations, to train staff throughout their career while respecting your HR processes and to make their OPCO

If you have a project or desires for professional training, do not hesitate to consultour training catalog and send us an email

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