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Sports First Aid (including PSC1)

The federal patent PSS1 (PSC1 included) allows you to become the first link in the rescue chain by practicing emergency actions in the face of vital distress, adapted to the discipline you supervise, while waiting for the arrival of help.
Educators, referees, volunteers, this training is for you.
premiers secours du sport pss1 avec le p

Training aims


TrainingLevel 1 Sport Prevention and Rescue - PSS1makes it possible to obtain all the skills necessary to prevent the main accidents during sports practice, to ensure the management of an accident occurring during a sports activity, to correctly carry out the first aid actions intended to protect the victim and witnesses, alert the emergency services and prevent the victim's condition from worsening and preserve his physical integrity while awaiting the arrival of help.

Training content

You will alternate between theoretical lessons and real-life situations to best prepare you for everyday life:

• PSC1 program,

• Prevention and rescue module for sport:

1.     Establish an initial assessment of the victim's condition and vital functions.

2.     Implement appropriate rescue techniques when faced with a temperature problem.

3.     Ensure appropriate management of sports accidents.

Useful information


Initial: around 12 hours / Revision:  7 hours minimum


• Public: Initial = €100 / FC = €60

• Group / Company  : on request for quotation

Any citizen wishing to become a civil security actor by training in first aid gestures. Be 16 years of age or older.


Up to 10 people for 1 trainer.


PSS 1 trainer / PAE F PSC / PAE F PS / OHS trainers


Order of 07/24/2011, Recommendations PSC1 DGSCGC, RIF RIC PSC 1 and PSS 1 FFSS.


The learner must participate in all training modules:

• Perform all first aid actions during the learning phases  pratique.

• Participate at least once, as a lifeguard, in une activity de scenario (concrete case).

Renew PSS 1 training every 2 years in order to maintain knowledge and skills. Attention, without continuing training (maintenance of skills) carried out within 2 years, the training must be redone in its entirety.

For more information, please contact us.

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Register for this training

According to the requests for setting up sessions by company. For more information, please contact us.

Please note that you will receive information by email. Do not hesitate to look in your unwanted  when you register.

ⓘ Supported by an ORGANIZATION

You are an employee, job seeker, or other and your training is, or may be, supported by a third party structure (employer, OPCO, CPF, Pole Emploi).

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