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Pedagogy Applied to the Employment of

First Aid Trainer 

The PS trainer will be able to organize a PSE1 and PSE2 training sequence, to carry out, comment on and justify the rescue actions and the actions to be taken, to also implement appropriate teaching techniques and to carry out an evaluation of the participants.
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Training aims

The teaching unit of "pedagogy applied to the job of first aid trainer" aims to allow the learner to contextualize his skills as a trainer, acquired or in the process of being acquired, in the particular field of first aid teaching. At the end of this teaching unit, the learner must be able, from an internal training reference and an internal certification reference, developed and validated by an employment authority and using the skills related to the teaching unit of "initial and common pedagogy of trainer" as defined in appendix 1 of the decree of August 8, 2012 referred to above, to provide instruction in procedures and techniques relating to first aid.

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